Electric Power Industry

Electric Power Industry Stationary energy storage at the grid scale promises to transform the electric power industry. Energy storage technologies are a key enabler of grid modernization, addressing the electric grid’s most pressing needs by improving its stability and resiliency. Investment in energy storage is essential for keeping pace with the increasing demands for electricity […]

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Electrical Industry in India

Industry and infrastructure Serving the human cause The world’s population is growing at an astonishing pace; with five billion people added over the last 200 years. With the exponential growth showing no signs of abating – forecasts predict the global population will Expand by another three billion by 2050 – we must start preparing today […]

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Electrical Panel Manufacturer

Electrical panel manufacturers Promising quality, innovative solutions and integrity in everything we do. Leading custom panel builder in India Manufacturer of electrical equipment since Last 30 years Our team members maintain an average of 8 years of dedicated service Serving a wide variety of industries Growing with our Clients We the Electrical panel manufacturers company […]

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Control & Relay Panels

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION FOR CONTROL & RELAY PANEL The specification covers design, engineering, manufacture, testing & supply delivery at site of Control and relay Board and protection relay panels inclusive of internal wiring and with arrangement for external connection to various Switchyard equipments and Control room building equipment as necessary. The Contractor has to design the […]

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220KV Isolator Manufacturers in India

Are you looking for Authorised Electrical Equipment Manufacturers in India? We at Maktel Power working towards manufacturing the 220KV Isolators in India since more than 10 years. Maktel Power has its own signature and reputation in the Electrical Manufacturers through out the globe. Giving more than 2 decades we have established a brand that have […]

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